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Drinks Pune


Covid 19 was catastrophic for a large majority but for some businesses it opened a window of opportunity, Drinks Pune was one of them. C.R Agarwal and Sons are one of the prominent spirits & liquor retailers in PCMC region and as the government relaxed norms to allow home delivery in the subsequent stages of pandemic, Drinks Pune was born. It's a D2C brand selling multiple categories and range of alcohol and mixer beverage.


We were tasked to promote the brand that was 'serving spirits to the doorsteps with a click of a button'. Our strategy we choose social media platforms such as fb and instagram with vivacious messaging to augment awareness about the brand. 'Spirits as a gift' was an idea which met with great success. We also suggested Cash-On Delivery (COD) as a payment option to instill the trust factor among the TG who were skeptical about the whole offering.


This smartly conceived campaign resulted in Drinks Pune being among the most popular online spirits company in the PMC and PCMC Region. Apart from increasing familiarity, boosting social engagements, we were also building trust factor through smart interventions in social media ORM. Idea of gifting spirits along with extension of reach and delivery led to massive increase in sales of premium brands.